Quad Cities Area Repeaters and simplex frequencys updated 11/25/2017

Green = Analog    Blue = Digital and or Analog   Black = Full time Digial

          Frequency                                            Callsign                        Location                        PL codes               Notes (see legend)

52.525 FM National Calling Frequency FM
144.340 Simplex ATV Club  FM
145.430 -600khz  W0CS Clinton, Iowa PL 100.0 owx  FM
145.490 _600khz AA9RO Galva, Illinois PL 225.7 o, Fusion Auto/FM
146.460 Simplex
146.520 National Simplex Calling Freq  Make contact move off FM
146.580 Simplex Some locals using FM
146.625 -600khz N9ORQ Tampico, Illinois PL 114.8 o FM
146.655 -600khz KD9J Monmouth, Illinois PL 173.8 FM
146.700 -600khz  W0BXR Davenport, Iowa PL 77.0 o,ca, Fusion Auto/Auto, o,e Wx net and Sunday night net
147.315 +600khz KD0WY Clinton, Iowa PL 114.8 0 FM
146.775 -600khz  W9WRL Rock Island, Illinois PL 100.0 o,e.WiresX, Fusion, full time Digital

DN Mode   w9qcr.com

146.850 -600khz W9MEP Sterling, Illinois PL 114.8 o,e WX net FM
146.850 -600khz W0JV Iowa City, Iowa PL 192.8 o,e Wx net and Sunday night net FM
146.880 -600khz  W0BXR Eldrige, Iowa PL77.0 oe, Wx net and Sunday night net FM
146.910 -600khz KC0AQS Muscatine, Iowa PL 192.8 o,e-batt Fusion set to Auto/FM
146.940 -600khz  W0BXR Davenport, Iowa i PL100 de-code o  FM
146.955 -600khz WB9TNG Princeton, Illinois PL 103.5 o, Echolink 681139, Fusion Auto/Auto
147.000 - 600khz W9GFD Galesburg, Illinois PL 103.5 o.e Fusion Auto/FM  w9gfd.com
147.060 +600khz W9SSP Macomb, Illinois PL 103.5 o, e FM
147.210 +600khz KA9QMT Galesburg, Illinois PL 107.2 FM
147.315 + 600Khz  KD0WY Clinton, Iowa PL 114.8 o, Fusion Auto/Auto,
223.500 Simplex Calling Freq Simplex
223.520 Simplex Simplex
440.83125                    W9QCR Rock Island, Il o  D-STAR
446.00 Nat Simplex Simplex
421.250 Out 439.250 In W0BXR ATV Repeater Davenport, Iowa o FSTV
444.275 +5Mhz shift WA0VUS Muscatine, Iowa PL 192.8 o FM
444.450 +5Mhz shift Fusion Auto W9GFD Galesburg, Illinois pl 136.5 o, Fusion Auto/Auto w9gfd.com
444.500 + 5mhz KV4AA Geneseo, Il PL 136.5 o, Seldom on air
444.875 +5Mjz Shift K9DHS Geneseo, Illinois PL 136.5 o FM
444.900 +5Mhz shift  W9WRL Rock Island, Illinois PL 100.0 o,e, Echolink/ FM

Notes legend: o, open repeater. e, emergency power. l, linked repeater system. ca, closed auto patch. wx, weather info, p Auto Patch.

The information here is a correct as I know it. If you have other information please click here and let me know.